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NOTE: Businesses that file an income tax return deducting qualified wages before filing an employment tax return claiming a tax credit should file an amended income tax return to correct any overstated wage deduction. You can read more on this IRS page.
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Omega Funding Solutions provides small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with financial flexibility, security, and opportunities. Our team of professionals ensures that you receive the guidance, compliance, and support to make sound borrowing decisions to match your goals. Omega Funding Solutions is a third-party lender, part of the Omega Accounting Solutions family of companies.


Our tax law experts have served with the DOJ and IRS, which have a combined 30+ years in tax controversy.

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Comprehensive Compliance Review

Our thorough due diligence reviews the validity of your existing ERC Claim.

Funding though a trusted tax credit advisor

During the pandemic, Congress passed the CARES Act, creating the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), a powerful tax credit for small-and mid-sized businesses. This refundable credit can be claimed by employers against the overpayment of payroll taxes paid during the COVID pandemic. 

ERC Processing Pause

The IRS has temporarily paused ERC processing but is still accepting new claims. The Federal program remains active; the pause is a short-term measure. Our sister firm Omega Accounting Solutions will continue to file ERC claims on behalf of clients who qualify. Contact us for more information.

The ERC was intended to be a financial lifeline to small businesses. The IRS has warned business owners multiple times about "ERC Mills" that advise businesses to claim credits even when they may be unqualified. Before providing advance funding, Omega will verify your existing ERC claim to confirm your compliance is within IRS guidelines.

We understand you want to receive your refunds and be assured in its validity. Through our ERC Compliance Review, we conduct a comprehensive ERC audit of your claim in order to qualify you for advance funding. Ensure you’re making sound borrowing decisions and receive the guidance and support to reach your goals.

Secure funds to keep your business thriving while you wait for your return.

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